In 1990, designer and founder, Mr. Raviani, established Raviani Handbags in Richardson, Texas. With his family, he began providing his first collection of quality handcrafted, stylish leather goods to his customers. Since his early twenties, when he introduced his beautiful Raviani Handbags to the world, Mr. Raviani has been creating beautiful, unique handbags sought out worldwide by customers who appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that Raviani is dedicated to.

Over the years, the business has greatly expanded in both size and options available to customers. Instead of only offering handbags, Raviani has grown to include accessories such as key rings, jewelry, hats and headbands (and many others), footwear such as flip flops, home decor goods, varieties of bags such as totes, backpacks, crossbody, hobos, satchels, shoulder bags and smaller bags such as wallets and cosmetic bags. All of these products are still created with the highest standards of workmanship, craftsmanship of products made with high quality materials. This is what has led to the success and growth of Raviani.

Because of Raviani's commitment to exceptional work based on the principles of integrity, quality, good workmanship and excellent customer service, the business saw much success. Because of customer satisfaction and a team that cares about those customers, Raviani has grown to be the producer and marketer of many styles of women's handbags, fine accessories, women's small leather goods, travel accessories, footwear and many other exceptional, useful leather goods.

We have also begun introducing a new Western Style line of bags and accessories which customers seem to be loving. There are Native American themes and colors, brindle and leather goods, embossed leather patterns, etc. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

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